I have honed my skills in various design software and have worked on a variety of projects, from branding and publishing design to editorial writing and layout.
I am passionate about media and the role it plays in shaping our world. From social media to traditional journalism, media has the power to inform, inspire, and entertain. I believe that it is important to use media in a responsible and ethical way, and I strive to do so in my work.
Photography is another passion of mine. I love capturing the beauty and essence of the world around me through the lens of my camera. Whether it's a stunning landscape, a beautiful portrait, or an intriguing street scene, I am always looking for new ways to capture the essence of the moment.
Overall, my passions for design, photography, and media have led me to pursue a career in the creative industry, where I can continue to explore these interests and use them to make a positive impact in the world.